Geoff's grandfather, Molnar Josef Lajos, was born in 1892 in Hungary.  He immigrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island in 1904.  He met, Anna Louise Hauk, another Hungarian, in Michigan.  They opened a grocery store in Flint and Geoff's father had said that his father translated his name to Miller because his friends said that it was a good American name.

Grandma & Grampa Miller      Miller's Grocery Store

    Geoff's father, Richard Joseph Miller, graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering.  He then worked at Electric Boat on some of the first nuclear submarines.  Later he met Lora, at Raytheon, back in Michigan.  They married and moved to Newport, Rhode Island where he had a job offer from the Navy.  He worked at the Naval Underwater Systems Center (NUSC, later NUWC) for 30 years.  The majority of his work was classified.  He played a key role in the development of weapons systems.

The Mad Baron

A photo of Dick Miller some friends at NUSC took as a Halloween joke.


     As a crowning achievement on his career he helped organize ICEX 1-86, wherein on  6 May 1986 , the USS Hawkbill rendezvoused and surfaced at North Pole with: (ICE-4) the USS Archerfish (SSN 678) from New London, Connecticut  and the USS Ray (SSN 653) from Charleston, South Carolina. 28 years earlier, on my his 24th birthday, 3 Aug 1958, the USS Nautilus had become the first submarine to cross the North Pole, but was unable to break the ice.
    Tragically, shortly after he retired, he was sailing to Bermuda with some fellow engineers.  One of them was critically injured during a storm in the Gulf Stream.  A ship attempted to rescue the injured man.  Unfortunately the seas were very rough.  The sail boat was demasted and Geoff's father and another sailor were thrown over-board.  He was unable to get aboard the ship.  He died of hypothermia during the night.